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Fundamentals of Particle Technology

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Particle Technology Resources

Resources for particle technology unit operations, based on the particle technology learning delivered in the Fundamentals of Particle Technology book. The online calculators and simulations use the material covered in the chapters.

Online calculators

  1. Solid concentration conversion from mass to volume concentration basis
  2. Specific surface area per unit volume from a particle size distribution (and gives Sauter mean)
  3. Permeability of a porous medium from specific surface area per unit volume (Kozeny and Happel & Brenner approaches)
  4. Specific resistance to filtration from the Sauter mean diameter
  5. Specific resistance to filtration for compressible filter cakes from Look Up Table data
  6. Free settling velocity of a spherical particle at all Particle Reynolds Numbers (viscous and form drags)

Online simulations

  1. Constant pressure filtration
  2. Constant rate filtration
  3. Filtering centrifuge
  4. Sedimentation using a continuous thickener

Data table

  1. Look Up Table of compressibility coefficients during filtration and other solid-liquid separations

Expert systems for equipment selection

  1. Particle size analysis
  2. Filtration equipment from information on specific resistance of the filter cake
  3. Filtration equipment from information on the settling velocity

Learning resources

  1. Fundamentals of Particle Technology book download
  2. Fundamentals of Particle Technology book download, revised eBook edition
  3. Interactive questions at the end of each chapter
  4. Video files of worked solutions of the problems