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Expert System for particle sizing equipment selection and elimination

The Expert System for equipment selection and elimination is designed to help the user select an appropriate device for the purpose of particle size analysis and/or characterisation. There are many hundreds of available techniques and instruments that a user could employ in order to determine the particle size distribution of a material. In most cases the techniques will provide different size distributions, as they are measuring different things, which are then calibrated to particle size. Thus, the choice of a method for particle sizing is complex. The general principle is that the particle sizing technique that reflects the 'end use' of the data will be the most reliable technique to use, if possible. For example, if designing a sedimentation basin then a technique based on sedimentation may be the best one to use. However, in many cases Standard Operating Procedures, and regulations specific to the industry concerned may well demand that particle size analysis is determined by a given technique, regardless of the above advice. Also, for the purpose of quailty control it may be appropriate to employ a technique that provides a very rapid response, as the objective in this case is to check to see if the material (i.e. particles) entering or leaving a process are within some specification. This may be achieved by comparison between results obtained over time, rather than aiming for the most relevant sizing technique.

The expert system will ask you five questions regarding the particles to be assessed, and seven questions about the proposed process.

When you have answered the questions click the Submit button to receive a list of possible devices, in a ranked order.

Please note the the first device listed, at 100%, is not necessarily the perfect device for your needs. It is simply the most appropriate one as determined by the expert system.

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