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Fundamentals of Particle Technology

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The book Fundamentals of Particle Technology was first published in 2002, and it was designed to be a basic introduction to the subject along the lines of the Oxford primer series of Chemical Engineering titles. However, the complexity of the subject was apparent from the start, the primer series were all less than 100 sides whereas it proved impossible to cover Particle Technology in less than 170 sides. The Fundamentals book was available directly from the publisher, bookshops and Amazon and had the ISBN 0-9543881-0-0, and cost £10.

I (Richard Holdich) authored the book as I could see second year Chemical Engineering students struggling with just meeting the subject for the first time and not understanding the terminology, technology, concepts, etc. yet we seemed to hope that they could complete exam style questions in their problem classes. Clearly, a different approach was needed, hence a multiple choice format was adopted for the problems which are now at the end of each chapter. In other words, each complex problem was already deconstructed into the steps needed to solve the problem and the presence of the answer, in multiple choice format, provided confidence in the student that the correct answer was obtained at each step. Commonly occurring wrong answers were not normally included in the options.

In total I taught the subject Particle Technology for over 30 years at Loughborough University. This web site supports the book by providing extensive resources and answers to the problems at the end of each chapter, both recorded as video explanations and interactive Javascript multiple choice problems. Now, in 2020 the time has come to provide a thoroughly revised and up-dated version of the book and I am pleased to say that my colleague Dr Marijana Dragosavac, who now teaches the subject at Loughborough, has agreed to co-author the second edition with me.

If you wish to comment on the first edition, or have suggestions for the second edition, then we would welcome your comments. I can be contacted on (please type the email address - it isn't a mailto link):

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